Radiant Zemax supplies Zemax ray-trace software. Zemax is a very powerful program which allows a high degree of optical analysis and a level of optimisation that can produce optical designs of extremely high quality. With all powerful software, there is the drawback that it takes a "bit of getting used to". Opto-Mechanical Design can help newcomers to the program on a consultancy basis.

RDT Precision Optics is one of a very few organisations in the UK capable of delivering prototype optical systems at an economical price. However, RDT's abilities do not stop there; with manufacturing links to China, RDT can offer extremely low prices on complex optical systems for the mass market. In between the two extremes of prototype and mass market, there is the "small market", where a few tens of optical elements need to be manufactured each month. With production-systems in place and some medium-capacity polishing machines in its own UK facility, RDT has the capacity to fill this role also.