Opto-Mechanical Design is a business partnership between M. J. Hammond, Ph.D. and P. M. Park, Ph. D..


Mike Hammond read physics at the University of St Andrews and subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in optical physics from Manchester University. Apart from a couple of years teaching physics at a secondary school in a developing country, his whole career has been spent in industrial and accademic establishments, developing optical systems and various (mostly optical) instrumentation. Mike takes a "hands on" approach to engineering; early in his career he learned to use machine tools in order to help with research projects. In 1994, Mike first got a chance to use Zemax and took to it. With a thorough understanding of optical physics and a good background in engineering, Mike developed his optical design skills and has subsequently been responsible for the design of many successful optical systems (camera lenses, microscope objectives, telescopes, etc.).


In 2007 Mike and his wife, Poll, set up a business partnership "Opto-Mechanical Design" to take on any interesting optical design (simulation, instrumentation, etc.) work that is going.


Poll's Ph. D. (also in physics) comes in handy now and again, but she mostly restricts herself to keeping the business running smoothly and keeping accounts.  .