Optical Design, Optical Simulation

At Opto-Mechanical Design, optical designs are produced and optical simulation performed using the Zemax IE optical ray trace program. 

Fourier Transform Lens


At Opto-Mechanical Design, mechanical systems are developed, using the AutoDesk "Inventor" Suit, to position optical components so that the optical system can be manufactured economically and will perform to its specification. Successful optical designs have included, camera lenses, Fourier transform lenses, collimators, autocollimators, components for signalling applications, lensless optical systems, etc..  

Beam-Splitter in Autocollimator


Opto-Mechanical Design has experience in designing instruments and systems. A good, physics-based understanding of measurement techniques combines with mechanical engineering skills to allow systems to be developed which deliver their required goals. 

Non-Contact Thickness Instrument

Optical Consultancy

With over 30 years experience working in many fields of optical design, optical testing, instrumentation design with high-end critical products and low-end "cheap and cheerful" systems, Opto-Mechanical Design offers a wealth of in-depth understanding of Optical system.   We have given advice on the limits of performance of existing optical systems, guided customers toward better systems, determined the light distributions from sources, reviewed optical patents, and many other services for customers.

Zemax Consultancy

Zemax is a powerful piece of software for designing optical systems and simulating optical phenomena. Power, as always, comes at a price. In the case of Zemax, the price is that it takes a lot of learning and practice in order to understand all of the methods that can be employed to develop or simulate an optical system. If you are new to Zemax and need some assistance, we're here to help.